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We find out what's gone wrong

If you have any ache, pain or symptom we can assess it, diagnose it, and provide you with options for managing it or investigating it further. There are several musculoskeletal issues unique to various age groups and genders. Following an injury or the development of an ache or pain, you want yourself or child to have the best possible intervention to ensure that the condition is managed to the highest professional standard. The last thing you want is an annoying niggle or pain and for whatever reason you have not managed to get to your local doctor or are tired of going to see someone and coming away without answers – regardless of the reason it remains that to achieve the very best result following an injury or musculoskeletal problem you need the right support, resources and information.

At KCP we specialise in rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy, providing excellent assessment, planning and management options to assist you in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you identify or are struggling with any of the common issues we manage, ring and make an appointment.


If you have any of these you should definitely make contact with us as soon as possible. Clicking Locking Giving way Catching Grinding Crunching Cracking Swelling Weakness Sharp pain Post exercise aching Stiffnes..

Sports physiotherapy

Injury – any pivot, twist, roll, lift, wrench Ankle sprain – medial or lateral ligament structures (inside or outside) Achilles tendinopathy – any Achilles discomfort or tightness Tibialis posterior dysfunction Calf inju..

The Older Adult

Injury – a twist, slip, fall, wrench, lift etc Arthritic Conditions Joint replacements Fractures Post operative care eg joint replacement, Shoulder disorder such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, tendon ruptures, etc Spina..

Women and Exercise

Osteoporosis Osteopenia, low bone density Antenatal & postnatal joint and back pain Antenatal & postnatal exercise Osteoarthritis The ‘FEMALE ATHLETE TRIAD’ Stress fractures ‘Shin splints’ Overtrainin..

Young athletes

There are many musculo-skeletal conditions unique to young people, in particular those that like to exercise for recreation or at a competitive level. While boys tend to focus on one or two sports, it is not unusual for girls to be involved in mu..